• Go 1.5 layer for OpenEmbedded

    For $WORK reasons, I want an up-to-date Go cross compiler for OpenEmbedded. Taking a look at existing efforts I ended up forking dodgerblue’s repository in order to fix a couple of issues, most notably, the fact that in order to bootstrap 1.5, the recipe goes behind bitbake’s back and downloads 1.4 source. I was working with Fido’s core-image-minimal just to make sure that everything compiled ok in a cross-build environment (more on that later).
  • A semaphore by any other name…

    I skipped over “Chapter 2: Semaphores” because it doesn’t contain exercises. Nevertheless, looking back at it, I think it’s worth paying it a visit with Go in mind. The Little Book of Semaphores offers the following properties as a definition for a semaphore: When you create the semaphore, you can initialize its value to any integer, but after that the only operations you are allowed to perform are increment (increase by one) and decrement (decrease by one).
  • Introductions

    Hello, world! My regular blog doesn’t really have a main topic, but in recent years it has kept going along the general theme of politics in Costa Rica, with occasional wanderings into information technology. That (and the fact that it’s written in Spanish) has kept me from writing about the more technical side of programming, which is what I really do on a day-to-day basis. The elephant in the room: if I want to write about the more technical stuff, why do I think that it’s more appropriate to do so in English?